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RokRiot Reveals: Reedicus

Welcome to the first installment of RokRiot Reveals—a series of interviews dedicated to designers and their creative process. These posts will uncover the inner-workings of the creative mind by sharing the sketches, inspiration and motivations that drive design solutions.

RokRiot is fortunate enough to kick off this series with designer Brian Reed, otherwise known as Reedicus. Brian has a portfolio full of amazing gig poster designs, Continue reading

Reedicus gig posters

I’m on the road once again and I must say that northern Michigan is not the place to temporarily set up shop if you are looking for reliable (and free) WiFi connections. I’d like to tell you more about the man who goes by the name of “Reedicus,” but if I were to spend another hour waiting for my shaky internet connection to fully download a single page, Continue reading