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Anonymous Ink & Idea

Anonymous Ink & Idea make killer posters. Unfortunately, they have stayed true to their name and don’t possess a killer About page, so there’s not much more to say. No worries, I think the work above speaks enough to the skills and clientele the designer(s) have achieved.

2011 Rokbrand Report Redux: Les Herman gig posters

Les was selected as part of the 2011 Rökbrand Report, which you can view in its entirety here. Below is the original post:

“Les” is actually Leslie Herman – an illustrator based out of Richmond Virginia who brings a very refreshing fine-art style to her gig poster designs and band portraits.

Moctezuma gig posters

While gathering a bit of research for this post, I discovered that Moctezuma is 1) an Aztec emperor, 2) a Senior Art Director at Tribal DDB and 3) a restaurant. It’s Moctezuma the Art Director who designed the posters you see above. Don’t believe me? Just check out this portfolio and I think the evidence will be clear. Brilliant work.