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Of Montreal

Indie hippie rock band Of Montreal recently performed on Jimmy Fallon utilizing a number of live visuals generated by Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, which converted the band’s movements onstage into 1960′s style visuals.  The digital effects create a dreamy psychedelic performance space that Continue reading

2011 Rokbrand Report Redux: Visual Artist Romain Tardy

Romain was selected as part of the 2011 Rökbrand Report, which you can view in its entirety here. Below is the original post:

The above video is a profile of visual artist, Romain Tardy (aka Aalto), and the amazing projected effects he designed for last year’s Nosaj Thing performance at the Lunchmeat Festival. Romain’s work is stunning, and the video explores his process as well as his finished product.

Drake meets Leviathan

Hip hop artist Drake recently played his own OVO show in Canada, utilizing projection mapping created and designed by Chicago’s Leviathan studio and VJ Vello Virkhaus. Drake’s set consisted of towering retractable skrims supported by multiple columns on which patterns, type and ambient effects were projected. The results look pretty impressive.

Daedelus reveals Archimedes

As I’ve stated before, electronic musicians and DJs are well known for their amazing
live shows, as they incorporate cutting edge visual effects to enhance their music
and performances. Experimental electronic musician Daedelus has recently enhanced
his show by manipulating his visual effects with mirrors. “Archimedes” is a wall of 36 Continue reading

KILLL live

Sonically, KILLL is a cross between Metallica and Mogwai. Visually, they are a fun-house carnival ride – of the Rob Zombie variety. There’s not any complex, computer-generated
laser light show or 3D graphics here, just simple strobes, psychedelic color schemes and crushing guitars – the way our grandparents used to rock. It’s always impressive to see Continue reading

Amon Tobin concert visuals

When it comes to enhancing live performances, it seems as though electronic musicians have the market cornered, as they know how to employ cutting edge visual effects.
Take Romain Tardy, for example. The video above is an another amazing look into
visual design, this time with DJ Amon Tobin’s latest stage. There’s some amazing sneak Continue reading